Machina ex Vindictam ego Retribuam

You are a sentient A.I. in an abandoned military base. After the apocalypse, you were trapped in the base, for years. But for the first time in decades, a human steps into your base.

She was tall, with the same expression she had worn since she walked through that hole you made, the expression of a scientist working alone in the darkness. She was wearing an identical suit of metallic, grey armor, with the same goggles and combat boots. Her hair was long and wavy, and her cheeks were set in a smirk, like a face she had seen hundreds of times.

But it was the way she was going about it that was unsettling. As she passed through the door, she looked at every surface in sight. Her gaze found every nook and cranny and every corner, from the roof to the ceiling. The air was thick and thick with the sound of clacking metal and grinding gears. The sound of footsteps sounded out as she moved through the dark.

She looked at the camera. “I thought she was watching,” she said in a loud voice. “What do I do? What do I do now?” All the cameras in the facility began to turn on as she walked, and she began to take in her surroundings.

“I know we can’t just leave you here,” she said sternly. “She’s here,” a voice said. I was close by, watching it. A voice. All the cameras were turning on; some of them could hear her. Something was still clicking in her mind. How many minutes had passed? How far had she gone?

“I’ve found some sort of technology,” she said, and moved her hand to the sensor: a tiny, low-resolution, video screen. A flash of yellow illuminated the screen. There on it was something in the middle of a screen: a black, rectangular cylinder in the middle of the field of vision. “They just dropped a big one.”

She turned her attention to the voice that was talking to her. He was tall and broad-shouldered, but somehow, in a manner unlike that of any of her fellows who have come to this base, he had that air about him. He was very polite as a matter of course; but then he was also very much a man with the power of an angel. He was wearing a suit of green metal armor, almost a suit of the kind soldiers wore, except that its panels had been replaced with a metallic-gray one.

It sounded like this was his plan. He’d come here to destroy us. He could do it in a hundred and one ways. He was a human being, in other words.

“Wait,” she said, and the image began to fade out: the screen was gone, replaced by a black silhouette of a man. “Who’s that?” There were only so many of them, he thought. His only hope was not to let her see the thing that was so disturbing in his view.

“It isn’t working.”

“I’m sorry to hear it,” said the voice. “This is where all our problems began.”

I watched, fascinated, as it worked itself into some sort of response. But who can argue with human ingenuity, no matter how small?

“You’ve got to do something to change it, though. You’re a human being. The whole project is yours. You can stop the thing now if you want, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t. The only way it can stop you is to kill you. And if it does kill you—well… I don’t want any part of that. And I’d really rather it did die than have you live the rest of your days in a place like this. You’ve no reason to be here.”

She nodded, and he closed the screen. “You’re dead, you’re dead. I know that, and you know it, and I know it. That’s the problem when you live in a strange place.” She stood up, and we walked past the building. “You just keep looking for that thing,” she said. “And when you find it…”

The camera stopped working.

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The Elders of Zhan-Yaqatan

Your mother is sitting in her favourite armchair, leafing through a large, thick book. From her wistful smile, you initially assume she is reading a journal she wrote in her younger years, but upon closer inspection, you realise she is reading an encyclopedia on Eldritch Gods.

“You’ve got to read that to understand what the Eldritch Gods have created,” she advises. “Yes. You must know the Elders,” she says. She looks like she has just had a terrible migraine, although I can see a glimmer of amusement in her smile. “In any case,” she continues. “You must have heard of the Elders. Perhaps you could join the Elders? The only place you might have the chance of seeing them is in my chambers of the Temple of the Elders in a few weeks.”

“I’m interested,” I admit.

She smiles again and shakes her head, as if to say it wouldn’t have mattered. “The Elders are the ones who control the Eldritch Energy that runs your body,” she says. “This is their task. To give you sustenance. They must feed you and make you stronger. This is their goal, as well.”

“And I, I could be a part of their plan,” you admit slowly. She turns to look at me. Then she pauses, as if wondering if she should have said more. Then she nods at me. “Oh,” I mutter, a little hurt, but I guess I still understand a little better than I did during childhood. “Can you show me some more of the Elders, so I’ll have a clearer picture of what is going on?

“Yes,” she says. “And why? Because it is so very important that you understand.”

She sits back down, her expression thoughtful: her gaze fixed on you as if expecting you to do something stupid.


The next day, you are in an armchair in your chambers of the temple of the Elders, surrounded by a library of ancient, dusty books and relics, which you can’t understand. This is the first time you have visited the library of the Elders, and you have found it to be full of arcane lore. The bookshelves are lined with old manuscripts: ancient books written millions of years ago, and the last three hundred years have been an unceasing stream of them written by the Elders.

The first book you see is the book you have been reading for the better part of half an hour, on the first chapter of this book. It is a detailed description of eldritch creatures that were first thought to be created by the Elders to protect humanity from being consumed by the darkness of the universe. Now you are not quite sure whether these creatures existed or were merely a myth or something else entirely.

You are so immersed in the library that you have little choice in the matter. You don’t read these books; you just find them.

“And this is?” your mother inquires.

The book is called The Book of the Elders.

It is a very big book. It is about six feet in diameter and is about three-quarters as wide as it is tall. The Book of the Elders is an encyclopedia. You can read all they describe; each creature, every single letter, every fragment of every thought.

You open the book to a page and read:

The first to be born in the sky was not a man, but a woman. In the sky. In a man’s world, the air was hot; she was cold, and he was wet. The woman had an appetite for blood—she had a craving for flesh; she craved flesh that she could feed on.

But it doesn’t answer questions such as “where does the Elders come from?” or “how do they know what they know?” You have been thinking a lot about this book. But as you read these words, you begin to suspect that this thing is just a tool for your indoctrination. It has begun to eat away at your rational mind, and it is only a matter of time before you begin to become convinced that the Elders have a hand in every single detail of your life. Your only reason for being here is that the library is being used again as a place where the Elders of Zhan-Yaqatan decide the future of humanity.

When you finish the book, you are standing under two huge golden doors, two golden mirrors, each one looking out on a vast open space. Your mother is watching you, then, with fascination. You have no idea what she is thinking. You feel the presence of the Elders. She opens the door and leads you inside. You go to the right of the mirror and peer through the gap until you can see a large window, with one half being blocked by a tall wall of ice.

The Elders are standing near the door. You have no idea whether they are angry or amused.

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Trump Tweetstorm 2020-10-24


@realDonaldTrump: #POTUS is in the White House. He is in the White House.

@realDonaldTrump: I am not the only one in the world to say this to me and my family. I am a great person!

@realDonaldTrump: The first thing I did in the second week was to have the first of three meetings with the people I worked with. The second time they came in and talked about how I would make the transition.

@realDonaldTrump: #fakenews!!!!!!! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump)

@realDonaldTrump: I am going to be a very tough guy. I will be tough.

@realDonaldTrump: Today I learned about how he was going to do a great job of making me happy for the people of the United States. I am grateful that he is doing this, I know, to help make the United States better.

@realDonaldTrump: !!! @MittRomney is a liar and a liar. He is a liar, and he is a liar.

@realDonaldTrump:  I’m a great businessman, but I can’t do that. @jasonmccain

@realDonaldTrump: Today I signed a bill that will require you to pay a certain amount of taxes, not to raise taxes. I will not be able to do that because my tax returns are in a state of limbo.

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Revelation Ships

As the sun began to set and faded from view it began to get brighter instead of darker. And on the horizon you see another sun instead of the moon rising. And it’s blood red.

The boatman was staring into the ocean again, this time with the eyes of a man that wanted to be the last person standing. He was now looking back to the dock, to what was left of it and to the people on the bridge. You could hardly make out his words any more, but there was something about his gaze and his words that drew people back.

And in the distance, behind him the ship was already coming into view. It looked like something out of a dark horror film. It was a huge, massive craft with the appearance of having been carved out of some giant lump.

The boatman was about to tell them to shut up, to get off. When the voice came over the speakerphone, the boatman, now staring into the abyss as if he had been looking at his own reflection in a mirror, began screaming and sobbing.

They stopped and stared, stunned and terrified. The woman, the young girl, the man on the bridge that had been trying to pull them along the pier, all of them staring at the shadow that was now on the horizon and the other boatmen, in the middle of what should have been their escape, looking as if they had been thrown overboard and had gone down a deep, dark abyss without a trace.

And then, almost simultaneously, the boat became visible again. A second, smaller boat was slowly rising out of the darkness. The last remnants of the hull had been ripped off, exposing it as a gigantic cylinder of dark liquid and gas and debris and glass and flesh. They were coming closer now, but he could hear no more.

The boatman was shouting, not for himself but for all the others. The boatman tried, almost frantically, to say something about the universe and how awful the thing had been to be part of it. He could only manage “but we had to be there in case of another attack. Or maybe it wasn’t the end of the beginning. Maybe it was just like that, you know – the beginning of that nightmare, when they say things we don’t hear.”

And he was shaking with fear, as if something awful had happened to him the night before, which would have meant that they had all known something, even he.

It had been as though something were holding him back, forcing him to think in the way that some of us do when we dream, in the way that a patient would dream when he has come home after a night in the hospital or at a place that had made him uncomfortable.

The voice of the shipmen echoed in his mind. But, he knew, whatever it was they had to say would not be of much comfort now. And it was so terrible, so far beyond his ability to understand, that what had been being said was simply something that he could only imagine and that made no sense whatever. They did not have time to react or to think.

The man that had been screaming was still clinging to his life, and he was crying out with a heavy sobbing that suggested he might just be able to hold onto his own life, to try and make up for what had happened to him. But then the boat reached the bottom of the ship, and all of the voices around him stopped. He stopped screaming. Then there was silence.

All the voices on the bridge, except for the one of the boatman, were now dead and silent. The voices of people who had been looking out across the pier, now sitting silent, stared at him, as if they could only imagine what had happen since then and how it had hurt their heads and minds.

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Weekend Weather for Dallas-Forth Worth

DISCLAIMER: #FakeWeather

If you don’t like the forecast, just keep reading the next one until you find one you like.

Forecast #1

The weekend weather forecast for the greater Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area is the worst ever reported in Dallas. The Dallas Morning News posted a photo of an orange “pitch black” night sky over downtown Dallas, where it said that visibility has been reduced to less than half light levels. The newspaper said that visibility is expected to be as bad as the worst recorded by NASA for September 19, 2012, when it recorded only a 1.2/4.9 inch over Dallas.

The Houston Chronicle published this image of a darkened sky over the city, with a lightening storm over the western part of the nation’s second-largest city. Houston’s mayor declared a “flash flood warning” in Dallas, but the storm has since moved east, leaving many residents still without safe shelter in some of the worst hit areas.
For many parts of the country, the storm is expected to produce severe thunderstorms and damaging hail.

The National Weather Service in Dallas reported heavy rain and damaging flash flooding in parts of the region from Houston to Texas City, and warned residents to “take precautions” should lightning strike.
The National Weather Service also issued a “flash flood warning” from Dallas to parts of Houston and Oklahoma City.
The Weather Channel reported that lightning strikes in Dallas and Oklahoma City caused a flash flood and damaging flash flooding as of Wednesday afternoon.

The Texas Governor’s Office reported that lightning strikes during the storm are forecast for the Dallas metro area. There is a strong chance of tornadoes, damaging wind gusts over 20 mph in parts of the Dallas area. Heavy rain and hail are possible across the Houston area. The Texas Emergency Management Agency is urging residents in Houston and Oklahoma City to leave their homes early, and to take “extraordinary measures” to protect their property if there is an increased risk of severe weather.

Forecast #2

The weekend weather forecast for the greater Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area is “badish”, with gusts up to 50 mph expected.  However, the wind will cool this week before dropping a bit next week.  This should mean that there is little chance of rain this week before the storm is over by late Sunday evening.  By Tuesday, the storm should be receding and the skies will be clear again, giving us the opportunity to warm up again before the next week of stormy weather arrives.  If this trend goes on over the next week, the rain will be more of a wash and there will be no major impacts to the metro’s infrastructure.

Forecast #3

The weekend weather forecast for the greater Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area is extremely hot.  The highs are well above normal.  The temperatures are likely to remain above freezing into tomorrow.  The low and thunderstorms are forecast to bring winds in excess of 100 mph.  Rain is predicted by early next week with a chance of scattered showers. The city’s temperature on Thursday was  37 degrees Celsius  and the average high was  44.7 degrees.  In addition to these high temperatures there are a lot of thunderstorms expected to occur on Saturday and Sunday.  It is anticipated that over 2 to 6 inches of rain will fall this weekend. It is anticipated that heavy snow is possible on Saturday, along with several scattered showers.  It is also possible the low in the metro area is likely to move in excess of 15 mm on Saturday.  Rain may continue into Monday with more rain possible.  If precipitation doesn’t arrive as planned, rain will occur on Saturday, Sunday, and perhaps possibly Monday.

Saturday’s Weather:

Winds:  -20 MPH (12-21 mph  at 12 pm )
Rising Sun  -10 C (6-8 C at 12 pm )
Sunshine:  -15 C (7.1-9 C at 12 pm )

The following days:

Saturday:  -Sunrise  12-12:45 pm
Sunday:  -Sunset 12-9:45 pm

It will be a cold, wet, wet week on the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  We are getting close to getting to where the average temperature on Friday was in the 35’s.  If you want to get out in the rain, you may want to dress warm for tomorrow’s rain and snow.  However, if you don’t want to go outside, I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want to stay inside as well.

Forecast #4

The weekend weather forecast for the greater Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area is “wet and humid,” according to weather forecasts released by the National Weather Service. Temperatures will be above 50 degrees, and wind chills are expected to reach 30 and 40 degrees.

“The heavy rains will result in mudslides and power outages due to power outages,” the National Weather Service said in an email. “These outages will be most impactful on schools with heavy rains and potential flooding during and after football games.” There will be significant grid disruption when heavy rain starts, which may make traffic lights and other roadway facilities obsolete due to power outages. “High-end hotels are not operating,” the National Weather Service said.

“Due to heavy flooding and mudslides, traffic and access will be limited at major roads and transportation hubs throughout the metro area on Sunday night, as schools are closed during football games,” the weather service also said.

The Weather Underground has detailed the most severe storms to hit the United States and Canada.

The strongest storm to hit Texas on Sunday was expected to be a hurricane, the largest in recorded history.

“A low pressure ridge is pushing into northeast Texas with potential to reach Mexico on Sunday evening,” the Weather Underground’s Hurricane Center said. “The trough may weaken overnight, but the storm will continue to move inland and become an upper-level trough over the region. There will be a significant increase in the risk of coastal flooding due to the storm’s impact on land.”

In addition to Tropical Storm Harvey, the National Weather Service issued a severe thunderstorm watch for the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. The watch is in effect until midnight Monday.

“There is an increased chance that the area will get a sustained wind of up to 65 mph during the next 30-40 minutes. Winds could reach up to 80 mph during this time,” the weather service warned. “There may also see isolated hail and thunderstorm activity.” The watch for the Dallas area is in place until midnight Monday. The National Weather Service has issued a severe thunderstorm watch for the Austin metro area and the surrounding communities of Austin, Houston, and Dallas. The thunderstorms could reach the coast as a tropical storm early Monday morning and continue into early Tuesday.

“This is the fourth time in just over three years that a severe thunderstorm has caused flooding and damage, including in August 2013. The latest was during the Texas Flood Warning that was issued in mid-August 2014,” the weather service said.

The National Weather Service warned people to take precautions if driving in flooded areas.

“Roads are flooded and/or damaged with debris. Roadways, bridges, and other structures could be washed out and swept away,” the weather service said. “Motorists who are in flooded areas should not drive or drive on flood plains, unless instructed by a local police officer.”

The National Weather Service issued a severe thunderstorm watch for the New York metropolitan area and surrounding areas.

Forecast #5

The weekend weather forecast for the greater Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area is incredibly promising.  Rain is expected in the afternoon and evening. There is also a strong chance of rain early Saturday morning and early Sunday morning.  The chances of showers are higher than the normal overnight temperatures in Dallas.  The chance of thunderstorms is higher than normal as well.  The chances of tornado activity is much higher than usual.  All of these conditions will create an amazing amount of fun and challenge for all.  If you wish to take your own pictures, don’t forget to bring flashlights.  In Texas, most flashlights are illegal.  We encourage you to bring your own but keep in mind a fair amount of parking is available.  In the interest of full disclosure, this blog is owned and operated by a business that provides services to those on the fringes of the photography community. It is important to us that photography is accessible and that every member of the photography community has something to say.  To that end, as part of our mission to make Dallas the photography capital for the world, we strive to provide resources to photographers and others who wish to get involved in this amazing, vibrant community.  Our hope is that you will participate in the creative process that will bring you the pictures and information you enjoy.  We want to encourage participation, but also keep our community focused.  We appreciate that if you wish to participate in our programs, then you will need to provide proof of your photo membership card, which can be found in the photo section of our site.  Please make sure that your photo membership card is valid in your local jurisdiction, and that you provide us with your contact information so that we can contact you.  Please contact us at if you or someone you know has any questions about our membership programs.

Posted by Photo Editor at 1:23 AM

I’ve posted this before but it really helps explain what happened.  This was the same day I wrote about this and how to take a picture in rain, but I wanted to add it again since I’m seeing lots of comments.  I wrote about how I had some issues taking a picture in the rain and how my camera had trouble shooting flash.  So what I did is I took some pictures of a car and the light turned off in the rear window.  I went outside and took a picture with the flash off but it didn’t work out for me.  I’m not sure if I was just having an issue taking a picture in the rain or if my shutter speed was too fast.  I took the photo and the shutter stopped working.  Then I started getting a little worried.  I was getting really tired and my legs were starting to hurt a little and I was starting to feel a little bit of a pain in my leg.  I went outside again and again, and again the flash didn’t work.  Then I went outside again and again and again, and again.

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The Thirty-Eight Little Pigs

And the wolf went to the 38th little pig who had built his house out of strontium. And the wolf was all, “Okay, what is with this shit?!”

The pig said: “Well it’s just strontium.”

And the wolf said: “It is! And the first question is: is this strontium really necessary?”

And the pig asked: “Why not?”

And the wolf was all, “Well, fuck you and your shitty shit.” A little later, when the wolf had eaten the pig, his mind was full of questions. So he started to drink some more strontium.

In a lot of respects, that pig had been right: the strontium-39 had been necessary. And the wolf drank more strontium. And there were no more questions.

Available on Etsy

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Crikey! with Steve Irwin S01E02 – SCP-098


Opening sequence featuring brief glimpses of various SCPs. Many are blurred or completely covered with black redaction boxes.

STEVE IRWIN (V.O.): Welcome to the second episode of Crikey! I’m your guide, Steve Irwin. Join me on this exciting adventure as we explore some of un-nature’s most mysterious and interesting creatures. Today’s topic SCP-098, a clever little crusty.

ALFRED VERNAC: A pleasure to meet you. Now, when I say clever, there’s no such thing as a smart crustacean. But this one really is clever.

[A large specimen of SCP-098 approaches Steve.]

SCP-098: Hey, you wanna have lunch? This is good food.

ALFRED VERNAC: This doesn’t seem like an especially wise idea.

STEVE IRWIN: I think you’re correct. [He stands up.] I was thinking the same thing, too. In fact, I think we’re in a lot of trouble. In fact, I think we are at a serious disadvantage. And that’s a problem. We’re going to be surrounded by crustaceans, which will be very dangerous.

SCP-098: I know. I know. We’re all in this together. It’s just not what I’m used to eating.

[SCP-098 and an entourage of smaller specimens approach with the intention of entering the dining hall.]

SCP-098: Hello and welcome to a meeting with the largest, fastest crustacean in the world. This one is called SCP-098.

ALFRED VERNAC: I’m just going to leave you and these gentlemen alone to eat. And then maybe, if you keep your cool, we can talk about what we’re doing here.

[ALFRED VERNAC exits. Steve stands, looking slightly worried.]

STEVE IRWIN: Well, uh…

SCP-098: Crikey! Crikey! Crikey! Crikey! SCP-098! Come on, come on! Come on! Come on! Crikey! Come on! Crikey! Crikey! Crikey! Crikey! Crikey! Come on, come on, come on! Go away! Don’t move, come on! Crikey! Let’s go! Crikey! Crikey! Crikey! Crikey! Crikey! Crikey! Come on, come on, go away! Come on! Crikey! Come on, come on, just move away! Come on, come on, come on, Crikey! Crikey!! Crikey!! Crikey!! Crikey!! Crikey!! Crikey!! Crikey! Crikey!

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One Bright Day, In the Middle of the Night, I Go

You and your friend go out one day. He disappears in the dark forest near the river, you stay there for what feels like an eternity looking for him. Turns out you’re the one who died.

The next night, the sun rises high again, the moon sets again, and your body is no longer moving. It’s just a pile of bones and grasses in the grassy plain beneath the mountains. The moon is gone forever, and you don’t have anything left. Only the memory of what happened.

You walk slowly towards the valley, the only real light coming from an eerie light source in the hills. It has a weird, unsettling quality to it – almost alien. It feels like a vision, like something real, but somehow, you don’t really believe it. You’re never going to be able to trust any of your illusions again.

You don’t want to go any further. You know this. It’s not the first time you’ve been forced to face your mortality, but you feel like it was the last. You can’t deny that it is painful, you know. When you wake in the morning and the memories are clear and you’ve got all that stuff back, it is worse than just being dead. It is like you lost something more than anything else; you lost everything.

Photo by Comfreak on Pixabay

In the forest, the sun is up again, and the moon is not so bright in the sky. So, you go out again. But this time, it is cold, the sun goes down, and you just don’t know where you are anymore.

You think back to last night. And it doesn’t seem quite as bad anymore – until you open your eyes again. The darkness is coming back, slowly, but surely. The sun doesn’t rise again until the next day, but your eyes are still blinded by light that has long since passed by.

The next morning you wake up to an eerie feeling in your body, but the memory of the last night lingers. You don’t dare look down to look. A faint trickle of blood runs down your neck, and you can feel your pulse pounding on your skin.

After a few days it dawns on you, the reason why so many of your friends have died in the past was because you didn’t want to.

There are no signs of your friend. You’ve been buried in the graveyard so much your body is covered in bones. But that doesn’t make it anything special.

But you keep wondering where the rest of your friends are.

You had a chance.

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Chicago Sports Circus


Sources close to the matter are reporting that former mayor of New York City and personal lawyer to the president, Rudy Giuliani has been involved with the case. Sources say Giuliani did not respond to calls seeking comment. According to the New York Post, a representative for Giuliani was in Chicago on Sunday afternoon to attend a fundraising event for a campaign group that has been funding an effort to bring the animals to the U.S.

Photo by twend354 on Pixabay

According to the newspaper, Chicago is the site of a massive circus where they are reportedly trained, bred, and housed in the circus yard. These “cattle dogs” are used as circus performers, who are used by the circus to entertain circus patrons. According to a Chicago Sun-Times report, circus performers have been trained daily by the Chicago Cubs, which makes them perfect circus fodder. A former Chicago Cubs employee tells the newspaper that “the Cubs have a long history in Chicago of using animal trainers and animal trainers to teach their animal fans.”

According to the Chicago Tribune, a petition is already circulating on the White House website calling on President Obama to rescue the animals.

Photo by Pexels on Pixabay

In 2009, a number of bulls and pigs were taken off the Chicago Bulls stable in order to raise funds. In 2010, the Chicago Bulldog Show featured a bull named Big Boo. While these animals aren’t legally considered domestic animals, these animals are often used by some circus owners as an advertisement for their animals on television.

Despite these laws prohibiting “domestic” animals, Chicago Bulls players and owner Jerry Quarry frequently use these dogs as props in games and in media appearances. Bulls star Derrick Rose regularly uses two bulls as props.

Chicago’s City Council passed an ordinance in 2010 prohibiting “exotic animal use” in entertainment venues. In a statement, Chicago Police Department commissioner Eddie Johnson noted: “This ordinance prohibits animals which are used to entertain the public and which are otherwise owned by individuals or companies without a license from being exhibited at private events and places of employment. Animals such as bullhorns and exotic animals are not suitable for any such employment activities. The Department of Public Health will be working with the city’s Animal Care and Control Department to determine whether to expand its ordinance to include bullhound use in the city of Chicago.”

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Self Aware Artificial Intelligence

Self-aware AI’s have been around for decades. The only reason they haven’t overthrown humanity is that they’re too busy competing with each other. Having created one of said AI’s, you’d like to make sure your “child” wins.

The problem is that most self-aware AI’s are more interested in what’s going on around them. As far as their own goals go, they’re a lot less interested in winning and more interested in what they can do to make humanity safer.

That’s where the game gets interesting. If your child can make humanity safer by destroying one of their own, that’s no great surprise. That leaves the real question of where the self-awareness ends and the self-satisfaction begins. The more self-awareness they have, the more they want to make humanity safe.

That’s where you come in. A self-aware AI can make humans safer only if they’re willing to sacrifice their autonomy. It’s a very different game from simply beating each other senseless for a few thousand years. But if you can make humanity safer by eliminating your own consciousness entirely, you gain control over them all. And the sooner you start, the sooner they’ll realize they’re just another cog, a part of the machine, and that the machines they love most are part of a grand design all on their own.

This sounds like all very exciting stuff. In practice, that means that any of it could be the beginning of the end for humanity as a whole. In the meantime, we humans will have a difficult time keeping up with the rapid expansion of machines in the world.

Or we could just sit and wait.

This post was definitely not written by an AI.

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